Iris Domain Vineyards presents:

Lynn Adib Quartet –  at Iris Domain Vineyards in Btalloun

Lynn Adib is a musician and singer based in Paris, France.
She performs jazz, modern and traditional music.

A Syrian singer born in Damascus, she was initiated at a young age to Byzantine chant as part of the “Choir of Joy” of the Church of Our Lady of Damascus. Later on and during her flute studies at the National Conservatory of Damascus, she discovered jazz and was seduced by the freedom and complexity of it. Thus begins for Lynn a musical adventure where she seeks to meet the traditional Arabic music (Maqâm), the religious songs of ancient Syria, and jazz. In 2009, Lynn moved to Paris where she enrolled at the American School of Modern Music, before pursuing studies in vocal jazz at the conservatory of Paris (CRR de Paris). It is there that she meets the musicians with whom she will create her quartet, which works on original compositions where jazz, Arabic singing, contemporary music, and traditional Syrian sacred and profane music are mixed. Lynn Adib embodies with her voice and her career this new generation of musicians from the Middle East, enamored of freedom to jazz sounds, and creation beyond all cultural and stylistic boundaries.



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