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Entrepreneur - Philanthropist

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A Tale of Two Cities

Kamal Shouhayib – businessman, developer, philanthropist – was born and bred in Aley.

Although his main business interests are in his adopted hometown of Troy, Michigan, he is also one of Aley’s most vocal advocates and active developers.

When Kamal Shouhayib was 10 years old, a devastating earthquake hit Lebanon, causing chaos and destruction in many areas.
Emergency relief packages – including cookies and chocolates – were sent from the US bearing the message: A gift from the people of America to the people of Lebanon.

This generosity left a lasting impression on Kamal Shouhayib. Even at this young age, he wanted to know more about this country and its people – and he set his mind upon one day venturing abroad to the United States.

At the age of 19, Kamal Shouhayib, with his father’s support, visited the American Embassy in Beirut and obtained a visa to study in America.
His father recognised the value of education, and encouraged him to study and travel, but also advised him to remember his roots – to save money and buy land in his hometown of Aley.

Choice Group

In 1967, Kamal Shouhayib began to study civil engineering at Michigan Technical College.

After a couple of years of working in this field, he knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps – property development.

In 1972, he founded the Choice Group in Troy, Michigan, and became an American citizen.

Today, Kamal Shouhayib, with wife Yasmine and sons Rabih and Omar, own and manage the 17th largest manufactured housing and property management company in the US. The Choice Group includes Shouhayib Investment Company, Choice Properties, Inc., Choice Development, Inc., Choice Marketing, Inc., Choice Finance, Inc.

The Choice Group’s efforts have been felt across the Midwest and as far south as Texas – from land and housing developments to retail and office complexes.

American Dream

Led by Kamal Shouhayib, The Choice Group’s hard work, dedication and strategic planning have paid big dividends.

Some 45+ years after its inception, The Choice Group’s manufactured housing division now employs 200 professional staff in the Michigan region, managing an impressive portfolio in excess of $150 million.

From its humble beginnings, The Choice Group has been dedicated to a single goal: To help thousands of families realize the American dream – from affordable manufactured home communities to exclusive residential developments – a comprehensive range of housing alternatives.

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Sister Cities

Kamal Shouhayib is a strong believer in supporting his communities. He is as well known and respected for his business success as he is for his philanthropy.

Kamal is a passionate Troy Rotarian of more than 35 years, supporting the efforts this service club does near and far. He was instrumental in bringing his birth city of Aley and his adopted city of Troy together as sister cities.

Kamal Shouhayib received the coveted Rotary International “Service Above Self” Award based on his efforts to help to bring clean water to areas around the world, including 1,200 schools in Lebanon.

In Troy Schools, Shouhayib started a program called “Proud to Be an American.” Middle school students compete in essay and poetry entries and prizes are awarded to the six winners from each of Troy’s four middle schools. In the years since he began, over 15,000 students have participated.

In addition, Kamal Shouhayib has served as Board Member of the American Task Force of Lebanon (ATFL); Past National President of the American Druze Society; One of the Founders of the American Druze Foundation.

"Success is being able to do what you really love."

Kamal Shouhayib – Philanthropist • Visionary

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“Aley and Troy are two great cities,” says Kamal Shouhayib.

But Kamal Shouhayib doesn’t just talk about his love for Aley – he is one of the few diaspora to return and put his money where his heart still resides.

Capitilising on his experience and knowledge in property development, Shouhayib is the visionary mastermind behind the American-style Beit Nasa residential development in the hills of Aley.

His aim is to encourage the Lebanese diaspora from all around the world to return to their mother country, providing them with a world-class residential facility to live in a similar environment to which they are accustomed.

More information about the activities of Kamal Shouhayib, Beit Nasa & Choice Group coming soon …

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