From Aley to Australia

Al Baydar magazine was a successful Lebanese publication, published by the writer William Saab, from the early 1900s to the 1960s.

In the issue displayed here (1960), are some of the articles submitted to the magazine by Mr Fayez Charefeddine (known as Fred Dean in Australia).

Fayez Charafeddine migrated from Aley, Lebanon to Adelaide, Australia in the 1950s, settling first in Renmark.

In the article, he mentions the fond memories of the snow, the cedars and Lebanon’s magnificent scenery and natural environment.

Lebanese Abroad

This photograph, submitted to the magazine by Mr Dean, showed the social gatherings of the Lebanese migrant community in South Australia in the 1950s-1960s.

Front row, from right to left:

Mr Najib Najjar and his wife, Sheikh Slayman Andary, Fayez Charefeddine and his wife Mona, the late Hassan Hamdan’s wife, Ibrahim Hamdan and his wife.

Back row, from right to left:

Mr Adib Younis, Mr Bachir Najjar, Slayman Andary, Halim Rasheed, George Samra and his wife, Ibrahim Samra and his wife, Mr Rafik Madi and Mr Yusef Zahr.

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