Since 1947

In 1947, Mr Elie Mekanna established his successful jewellery business in the district of Aley.

His knowledge of the industry, his honesty and integrity in providing jewellery for weddings, engagements and all occasions, saw him gain the trust and respect of the residents of the surrounding areas, and beyond.

Today, the Mekanna family name continues to be held in high regard in the jewellery industry internationally.

Third Generation

The business established by Elie Mekanna has been handed down to this family – to the second and now third generation.

Today, under the leadership and guidance of Najib Mekanna, who created teamwork within his family, the business has embraced the latest technology.

From the main branch, now located in Antelias, the Mekanna company designs and manufactures  a unique range of beautiful jewellery for weddings, gifts and all occasions.

Jewellery Online

The Mekanna business has expanded to include 5 locations + within Lebanon, and a branch in the Emirates.

In addition, Mekanna jewellery is now available through their online store, shipping designs internationally.


Dr-sami-makarem aytat

Professor Emeritus

The family is looking forward to establish its own mining operation, in particular opal from Australia.

"He was an entire university, an institution in itself, and an encyclopedia of knowledge, science and ideas"

Words of acknowledgement for Dr. Sami Makarem

In addition to his academic contributions in the fields of Islamic studies, Sufism, Islamic history, and his artistic contribution, he published three works of poetry:
• Mir’at ‘ala Jabal Qaf (A mirror on Mount Qaf) (1996),
• Daw’ fi Madinat ad-Dabab (A Light over the city of Mist) (1999)
• Qasa’ed Hubb ‘ala shati’ Mir’at (Love poems on the shores of a Mirror) (2004).


Night Butterflies



To the Community (service related to position at University including honors and awards).
- Member in a ministerial committee to study the subject of teaching 
- Civil education in high schools, 1972-73.
- Honorary citizen of the city of Huston, Texas, 1978.
- Holder of the key of the city of Huston, Texas, 1978.
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace. Beirut.
- Secretary-General and member of the Board of Trustees of the Druze Center for Research and Development, Beirut.
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Walid Jumblatt Foundation for University Studies, Beirut.
- Order of the Arab Historian, Ittihad al-Mu’arrikhin al-Arab), 1993.


He is an honorary citizen of the city of Houston in the United States of America and holds the Order of the Arab Historian from the Union of Arab Historians and long served as Secretary General of the Druze Council for Research and Development.

Dr-sami-makarem aytat
Dr-sami-makarem aytat
Dr-sami-makarem aytat
Dr-sami-makarem aytat
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