Jihad Feghali


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Dateline – 11 December, 2020

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of the mayor of the Municipality of Houmal, Jihad Feghali.

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Tribute - Michel Suleiman

President General Michel Suleiman issued this tribute to Jihad Feghali:

“With the departure of engineer Jihad Feghali, mayor of Houmal, the country lost a pure Lebanese fighter, the Republic Meeting lost one of its pillars, and the popular uprising lost a brave man who worked in all fields to raise Lebanese concerns.

“He was in France, his second country, the best spokesman for love for the motherland, and he returned.”

“He came to Lebanon carrying projects that raised hopes for the ability to advance, and some of them were soon implemented in his town since his election as mayor.

“The Corona pandemic is merciless, and it is still killing and stealing the most dear people from us. We repeat our call for more prevention and attention until this nightmare is over.

“May God have mercy on our dear Jihad Feghali, and grant his honorable family patience as a result of what befell them and us.

“Our loss is great.”


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Tribute - Lebanese Cultural University

A statement was issued by the Lebanese Cultural University in the World in which it mourned the mayor of Houmal, Engineer Jihad Kamil Al-Feghali:

“It is with great sadness that Engineer Jihad leaves us to the heavenly world, leaving behind a journey full of life, knowledge and work, and an ongoing struggle for man and the homeland, in Lebanon and in the world of diaspora.

“In his last years, he served his hometown of Homal as an exemplary mayor.

“He will be missed by his family and those who love him, and they are many. He will be missed by Paris and its many associations with which he cooperated, especially the Lebanese Businessmen Association and the Third Voice Association, which he headed.

“The Lebanese Cultural University in the world will miss him as a symbol of diaspora who embraced his opinion and grew with his help. We will miss his knowledge, culture, distinctive enthusiasm, innate zeal, and great love for Lebanon and its people.

“May God Almighty cover him with His vast mercy alongside the saints, and inspire everyone with patience and solace.

“May God have mercy on him.”

Global President Global Secretary General
Stephen Stanton Roger Haney


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Tribute - Lebanese French Businessmen Association

A statement was issued by the French-Lebanese Businessmen Association after the news spread of the death of the mayor of Houmal, Jihad Feghali:

“It is with great sadness and sadness that we bid farewell today to our dear late brother and friend, Dr. Jihad Feghali, mayor of Homal, who fell victim to the Corona virus, this deadly epidemic that spared no one, whether old or young.

“We lost him early in the midst of the battle of life, at the age of youth and the glory of giving.

“Through him, we lost the fighter for Lebanon, a homeland for all its people, based on justice and equality.

“Through him, we lost loyalty to the homeland of the Cedars, which he loved, and which he carried in his heart and conscience throughout the years he spent in France, until he returned to his hometown of Houmal and was elected president of its municipal council.

“He worked for growth and infrastructure development, and cared about young people and their ambitions.

“He was close to the people of his town, who loved him and gave him their trust. He carried their issues with honesty and dedication, and he met their hopes.

“Success was his ally in all the fields he entered.
He established institutions and associations, and engaged in political work, establishing The Third Voice
La Troisième Voix, along with a group of friends and activists with experience and expertise.

“He is a founding member of the Lebanese-French Business Travelers Association (HALFA).
And president of the Cadmus Rotary Club.
And other civil organizations.

“He had a big heart, and a permanent smile imprinted on his face, which was dear to the hearts of all those who knew him, including friends and relatives.

“His absence is harsh and the void is great.

“We will miss him in Lebanon as well as in France, but his memory will forever remain a good memory in all of our hearts.
To the gardens of eternity.
He will rest in his final resting place.
The soil of Lebanon is a land of holiness.
Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and may eternal light shine upon him.
May his pure soul rest in peace
From the right hand of God the Father,
In the neighborhood of the righteous and the righteous.
With God’s mercy and peace. Amen.”

Mansour Al-Khoury.
Association of Lebanese-French businessmen. HALFA.


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