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Drink YERBA MATÉ with BOMBILLA and GOURD. Sit down with few friends and enjoy the magic of traditional-style MATÉ. Traditionally, one person acts as the master of ceremonies. In Spanish this person is called the CEBADOR (say-ba-dor).It is often given to the youngest person in the group, or else the host. Some may worry that such an intimate sharing Mate is unsanitary, but to avoid such a thing, we made our Bombillas disposable. Mate is as tea-like beverage consumed mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay andSouthern Brazil. International kitchen, Kara’Ok night every thursday, Lebanese night every Saturday, cheese & W.., Open Wings & B… more and more…
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Restaurants - Aley

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Restaurants - Aley

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Restaurants - Aley

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Restaurants - Aley District

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