Ghoul Glass – Choueifat

Ghoul Glass – Choueifat

Building Services - Choueifat - Aley District


Ghoul Glass & Mirrors – Choueifat

El Ghoul Co. s.a.l. manufactures a wide range of standard and custom made Architectural and Decorative glass to meet its customers’ needs

Company Overview

El Ghoul Co. was established in 1948 as a family business and has always been the leader in the glass business. In 2011 the company has upgraded its equipment and have moved to a newly build factory of 4200 m2, in Choueifat -Industrial area. The owners, Mr. Yousef and Khalil El Ghoul objective is to continue to be the leader in the glass business. El Ghoul Co. produces all types of architectural and decorative glass under one roof. The factory is run by trained personnel and uses the latest technology in the glass processing to meet its customer’s requirements and the international standards

o Turnkey project which include design, manufacturing and installation of glass
o Glass manufacturing to customer’s specification and requirement.
o Technical assistance related to glass production and installation
o Glass installation

Founding date

• Annealed glass and mirrors
• Clear, tinted and reflective glass.
• Tempered glass
• Tempered and annealed laminated glass
• Tempered and annealed curved glass
• Bullet proof glass
• Insulated Double Glazed units
• Stainless steel work
• Stained glass
• Fused glass
• Sandblasting and engraving
• Back painted glass
• Decorative glass and mirrors
• Glass furniture


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