Jardin D’Amour – Aley

Jardin D’Amour – Aley

قاعات الأفراح - عاليه


Jardin D’Amour Aley

“Jardin d’Amour” which is known to many people as a large refreshing space surrounded by verdure is located in Aley, Lebanon. It was launched in 2013 as a wedding venue, and for an outside wedding ceremony, “Jardin d’Amour” is the picture of perfection. The Lebanese Mediterranean mountainous overviews and the surrounding manmade waterfalls make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding party.

It’s an elegant imposing renaissance site well sculpted that beguile your imagination. A fabulous fete on a mountain top where lush green lawn surrounds your party, with a special sea side scene well merged with the green springy lands of old Aley’s Lebanese nature. It’s fascinating, royal and unique, it’s your commitment to life, it’s where your wedding dream comes true, it’s “Jardin d’Amour”.


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