Education in عاليه

Dateline – 13 May 2019

The Charitable Society for the Development of Tertiary Education in the district of Aley organized a seminar titled “Higher Education in Lebanon”, under the patronage of Minister of Education and Higher Education Akram Chehayeb (represented by Dr. Hisham Zeineddine).

The President of the Assembly, Eng. Esmat Abdel Majid Ghraizi, stressed that the “university student is the most important individual, as an active group in the future of the country. The Lebanese University is also one of our most important national institutions, so it is necessary to decentralize and expand the establishment of colleges within the governorates, and to free the university from the tensions of the authority to ensure the quality of education, and to strengthen the links between the university education institutions and the private sector to provide job opportunities.”

On behalf of Chehayeb, Zeineddine said:
“Perhaps the most important and most influential challenge to the future of our generations is the challenge of education, especially higher education, as global variables require us to emerge from the traditional” useless” disciplines that have become a burden on the graduates.”

Dr. Khader Ali Haidar Hassan then touched on the “essential role of the Lebanese University in the construction, development and development of the community, its large scientific capacity, colleges and institutes, so as to create complexes for the university in the Bekaa and in all regions of Lebanon.”

In conclusion, the President of the Assembly and the members of the Administrative Board presented a tribute to Chehayeb, Hassan, Molaeb and Salim Haddad.

City of Aley

المزيد من الاخبار

City of Aley

اكتشف عاليه

City of Aley

دليل الاعمال