artesian well project

Generator and cables from Jumblatt to Dirkousha, Mresti and the Mount Lebanon Water Establishment provide a generator for Aley.

After months of drilling an artesian well in the city of Aley on land provided by the Municipality of Aley, and processing and extending the network of pipes with the support of UNDP Undp, but because of the delay in the delivery of electricity to the well, and to address the crisis of suffocation water from the source, Lebanon, under the guidance of the new Director General, Eng. Jean Jubran, and the follow-up by the head of the department of Aley Younis Al-Jarmani, to provide the well in the city of Aley with a capacity of 250 KVA, which would contribute to alleviating the water crisis.
On the other hand, the Dirkouche pumping station was equipped with a generator (500 KVA) to improve water supply to the villages of Al-Manasif.
To this end, the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, presented the cable to the Dirkoush generator as a gift of $ 7,000. A generator of 150 KVA also provided a gift to the Mursti water well.
The people of the three regions thanked Jumblatt and Jabran for these important steps.

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