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Designed by architect Toufic Dleikan in 1932, Casino Piscine Aley was the summertime destination of the rich and famous. Along with Hotel Tanios, it played host to performers including Om Khalthoum, Farid el Atrache, Asmahan and Sabah.

Along with the Casino of the Grand Sofar Hotel, it was one of the few such establishments in Lebanon.

Golden Age of Aley

In its heyday, Casino Piscine Aley played host to concerts, conferences, swimming events and even movies. Such was the immense popularity of the venue, it was the envy of many other districts in Lebanon.

Tragedy Strikes

On 22 July, 1953 tragedy struck – Casino Piscine Aley was in flames, much of its structure damaged, including its famous walnut gates – the smoke could be seen from most of the surrounding villages.

It was rebuilt and continued to operate into the 1970s.

Rumours abound regarding the cause of the fire – it is believed to have been deliberately lit. On 29 July 1957, Casino du Liban in Maameltein was granted an exclusive gaming license for all of Lebanon, preventing Casino Piscine Aley from continuing to offer gambling services to its patrons. 

Although no longer a “casino” as such, Casino Piscine Aley has always retained its original name.


Former Glory

Although restored and well-maintained, Casino Piscine Aley has never managed to recover its former glory.

The venue still hosts functions and performers, but survives mostly on memories of its past.

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Casino Piscine Aley

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