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In June 2018, Aley welcomed a branch of the Russian Lebanese Cultural Center.

The opening ceremony, organized by the Lebanese-Russian Friendship Association in cooperation with the Municipality of Aley, included a concert in an open space for artists from the singing and dance groups of the Russian Cultural Science Center in Beirut.

The center was opened in the presence of the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasepkin, and many local and Lebanese guests.

Zasepkin said in a speech during the event that the center will be a large area for the people of the region to meet, and a cultural outlet for them due to the variety of artistic, cultural and sports programs.

Circle of Co-operation

This event, which took place on the occasion of Russia Day on June 12, “aroused great interest from the public in Mount Lebanon, where many of our families reside” said Vadim Zajicikov, director of the office of the Ross Sutrudnichstvo Foundation in Lebanon.

Zaychikov noted that Aley has become the 8th Lebanese city to join the circle of cultural cooperation between Russia and Lebanon.

He explained that the Russian-Lebanese cultural centers have been opened in Tripoli, Batroun, Baalbek, Beit Mery, Baaqlin, Nabatieh and Rashaya.

The Russian director hoped that the new center will contribute to attracting young Lebanese from the mountainous region to Russian educational institutions. “In addition to teaching Russian language, the opening of a technical studio and two schools of music and ballet will be held here,” he said.

Russian Art

The Russian Lebanese Cultural Center in Aley provices classes in drawing, with different artists offering varying styles – from pencil sketching to oil painting.

Fun for Kids

Children’s activities are offered for most age groups.

We hope the new center will contribute to attracting young Lebanese from the mountain region to Russian educational institutions.

Alexander Zasypkin, Russian Ambassador to Lebanon

The Russian Lebanese Cultural Center in Aley offers tuition in many languages – including Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

There are also a plethora of courses for personal fitness, including yoga, pilates and ballet.

Russian Music

The Russian Lebanese Cultural Center in Aley offers lessons in many musical instruments, from piano to violin.

Russian Lebanese Cultural Center

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