Road Closed in Ghaboun

Dateline – 9 January 2019

Torrential floods in the town of Ghaboun (Aley district) resulted in severe damage to the main road, which forms the vital artery of a number of the villages of the judiciary between Rechmaya, Aley and the surrounding villages.

The impact of the storm created serious damage –  cracks and breakdowns of the main support walls of the road, threatening homes and property. The landslides extended to the subways of the town.
The area was inspected by  Aley MP Akram Chehayeb and Aley Governor Bader Zaidan Aridi.

Akram Chehayeb appealed to the residents of the town and its concerned institutions to take the necessary quick measures to prevent endangering the safety of citizens in such disasters.

For her part, the Governor of Aley, Bader Zidan Aridi, issued a statement on “the closure of the main road in the town of Ghaboun, linking a number of villages and towns in the district of Aley, in order to ensure the safety of citizens after the collapse of part of this road and the risks of other collapses as a result of cracks in the wall of support caused by torrential torrents by the storm.”
The statement called on “the concerned villagers to use alternative routes to the interior of the town of Ghaboun,” and appealed to “the mayors concerned and the Ministry of Works to expedite the process and take the necessary measures to open the main road as soon as possible.”

In addition, an emergency plan was prepared to protect neighboring houses from any additional damage in the event of renewed storms and floods in the coming days.

It was also agreed to develop an engineering study as soon as possible to prevent and avoid the recurrence of this imminent danger, mitigate the risk of death in the event of these collapses which threatens the lives of people in this region.

He stressed the need to start work tomorrow, which includes emergency measures to prevent the aggravation of the damage, especially on homes close to the collapse, especially with the coming of more storms in the coming days.

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