Tribute to Cardinal

Dateline – 13 May 2019

The Minister of Education and Higher Education Akram Chehayeb today announced the suspension of public and private schools and professions next Thursday in compliance with the Prime Minister’s memorandum to stop working in public departments and institutions on the day of the farewell of the late Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir,
Chehayeb described Sfeir as ”the exceptional man who upheld principles and defended sovereignty, established reconciliation and openness, and consolidated ‘one Lebanese life’ “.
Minister Chehayeb travelled from the Maronite patriarchal chair in Bkerki, and from the family of the great late cardinal, with condolences from all the Lebanese, hoping that he inhabit the Heaven of God.
Given the great stature of the late Patriarch, who imprinted Lebanon’s contemporary history with his character and his voice, the Minister of Education wrote to the Educational Center for Research and Development, proposing the introduction of a chapter in the curricula of the unified history book, highlighting Cardinal Sfeir’s national career and lofty ideals, which transcended narrow interests and small sensitivities. Chehayeb proposed for this to be worked on during a workshop to renew and modernize the educational curriculum, and present the Patriarch as model for the generations and a source of pride for all, and to remain in the national memory and the record of the Immortals.
“Patriarch Sfeir is a model for the great men who printed the history of Lebanon in the true national character, and they were able to change many concepts, and most importantly, the concept of sovereignty and independence is indivisible. 
The time has come for the Lebanese to agree on a unified history book, and to include the biography of our elders, and Patriarch Sfeir is one of these elders.”

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