BlackBelt Champs

Dateline – 13-14 April 2019

The Black Belt Academy won the Asian Championships at the Choueifat Stadium on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14, 2019, with the participation of 583 players representing 9 Asian and European countries under the supervision of the Lebanese and international kickboxing leagues.
The Black Belt Academy,  under the supervision of international coach Majd Ghadban,  won the first place with a total of 18 gold, 16 silver and 15 bronze through the following champions:

Gold medals
Reina Gamal: 4 Gold
Rasha Zahlan: 3 Gold
Julia Minzir: 2 Gold
Amal Darwish: 1 Gold
Sabine Abu Ammar: 1 Gold
Eva Slim: 1 Gold
Rania Chehayeb: 1 Gold
Ravi Bou Salhab: 1 Gold
Hani Chehayeb: 1 Gold
Mohamed Arar: 1 Gold
Jad Chehayeb: 1 Gold
Ryan Darwish: 1 Gold

Silver medals
Julia Minzir: 2 Silver
Rania Chehayeb: 2 Silver
Reina Chehayeb: 1 Silver
Eva Slim: 1 Silver
Yara Slim: 1 Silver
Bahaa Ezz El Din: 2 Silver
Jad Chehayeb: 2 Silver
Alaa Abu Bakr: 1 Silver
Maadad Hatoum: 1 Silver
Mohamed Arar: 1 Silver

Bronze medals
Melissa Halimi: 2 Bronze
Yara Selim: 1 Bronze
Nour Mahmoud: 1 Bronze
Rasha Zahlan: 1 Bronze
Samer Al Sayegh: 2 Bronze
Bahaa Ezz Eddin: 1 Bronze
Mohamed Arar: 1 Bronze
Matoum Hatoum: 1 Bronze
Hani Chehayeb: 1 Bronze
Jad Chehayeb: 1 Bronze
Mounir Saad: 1 Bronze
Wissam Carlos Banna: 1 Bronze
Amin Abu El Mona: 1 Bronze

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